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Why is my Openshot lagging? We know the answer!

If your Openshot seems slow, this article should help.

Video presentation

The content of this post has been slightly enriched and shown on the living organism of the Openshot program is presented in the video below. I encourage you to watch it if this form suits you better.

About Openshot

Openshot is a popular cross-platform video editor. Moreover, it is available for free, and its sources are open, which may be why it is a program willingly chosen by users. Especially by Linux users.

Despite all these advantages, you can often hear voices that it does not work smoothly, which makes it difficult to work on editing video files. However, it doesn't have to be like this and today I would like to show you two simplest, but also from my own experience, the most effective ways to improve the efficiency of this program.

Video preview

When you run into performance issues, setting a profile lower than your target resolution but with the same aspect ratio and frame rate to maintain full control when editing is best. Then generating the preview will require fewer resources and be faster, and work will become smoother.

For example, we might want a 1920x1080 pixel video, so we choose 1280x720 pixels for the preview.

Cache size

Another thing that improves the efficiency of working with the program is to allocate more space for the cache memory used during the work. By default, it is 512 megabytes, so probably the vast majority of users can afford to increase this value, leaving a safe margin for the work of other programs and the system itself.

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